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Protecting the Grimm
Protecting the Grimm 5.2
5.2 Rosalee
"Nick? Can I talk to you, please?" Rosalee asked him, her pretty face serious as she held him back with a hand on his arm before he could leave her shop and head home for the night.
"Yes, sure." the cop shrugged, seeing no problem with her request.
After all, she is always there to help him with his cases, with her books and her knowledge whenever he needs her. No matter if it's day or night when he shows up at her doorstep with a apologetic smile on his face and gruesome pictures in his pocket.
"I know Monroe is waiting for you with dinner, and he hates to have his timetable upset without warning, but it will only take a moment, I promise."
She leads him over to the table, shoving books and herbs to the side to have a little bit room to lean on it.
Nick sat down on the other side, curios and a bit worried about what she would tell him.
"Is everything alright? Is someone giving you trouble, sh
:iconashray:Ashray 1 0
5. Rosalee

Monroe was leaning against the counter of the Spice-Shop, watching the other Wesen cooking something in a big pot, throwing this and that in the bubbling liquid on occasion, and humming sometimes to herself while working.
Occasionally she would look into a book, grab another ingredient, and add it to her mix.
Visiting Rosalee usually calmed his nerves down, if Nick and some Wesen-related trouble wasn't the reason for said visit.
Then meeting the fox-girl put him on edge...
But otherwise she was something of an older sister, a sympathetic ear if he needed to rant about something, while at the same time able and willing to hit him over the head when he was stubborn or stupid.
"What are you mixing there?" he asked curiously as he peered down into the green soup. It smelled a bit like a disgusting herb tea, and from what he had seen, there were only dif
:iconashray:Ashray 2 0
4. Hank
After thinking about it for a while, (and not getting any work done that day) Monroe decided yet again to not tell Nick about what happened with Juliette.
And Frank.
And Wu.
Because really, what was he supposed to say to the cop:
"Hey, Nick, you know those idiots you called your boyfriends in the past? The ones that suddenly left in a hurry without so much as a Good-bye? Yeah, your friends scared some of them off. And now they're trying to do the same with me..."
Yes, that would really go over well with the other man.
If Monroe was lucky, Nick would simply laugh at him and ask if he has paranoia all of a sudden.
After all, he can hardly tell the cop that he himself has played the same game with a guy or two in the past...
Happily, and with great enthusiasm.
They are his friends, and in the end they only mean well, after all.
With Nick, that is.
And so they always try to make sure the gu
:iconashray:Ashray 3 0
Protecting the Grimm Part 3


Monroe wasn’t overly worried about Frank's threat. After Juliette and those castration pliers from hell, the threat of a little physical violence from a Jagerbär doesn’t sound all that bad anymore.
But it made him wonder if that was maybe the real reason Nick's last few lovers didn’t last for long and were always so keen to leave.
Sure, Monroe had known that it had been nothing too serious at the time, at last on their part, but still.
'But they are not going to scare me away!' he thought as he opened his E-mails, to see if there were any new commissions for him to work on.
Such things have to be prepared, he has to make sure he has the right parts ready when the clock arrives, so he can start right away.
Sometimes those parts, especially from old models, have to be found first...
Nick had gone to work some time ago, and with a little luck he would stay there, saf
:iconashray:Ashray 2 0
Protecting the Grimm Part2

2. Frank Rabe

In the end Monroe decided not to tell Nick about Juliette and her bag of horror.
Because one, he had no intention of hurting the Grimm, so she had no reason to hunt him down with that bag.
And two, he really didn’t want to admit that he found the short woman somewhat scary.
Nick's mom, yes. He had no problem admitting that, she's a Grimm. And a Ninja, only without the mask.
Everyone is scared of her.
Aunty Marie?
The same.
But Juliette?
Harmless little Juliette?
But what he did for a moment consider was to break into her house when she was out of town, and steal that bag. He could burn it, or bury it under the three in his garden.
But then he remembered that he was reformed now, so he shouldn’t do such things anymore.
And more important, Juliette could always get a new one in the veterinary practice, she works every day there.
And if she ever found out he was the on
:iconashray:Ashray 3 0
Protecting the Grimm


Protecting the Grimm
Juliette's call didn’t come as a surprise for Monroe. Not at first, at least.
She may be Nick's Ex, but she is also a nice and likeable woman. After their break-up she and Nick still remained friends, as they simply acknowledged that feelings can change over time, and that they spent most of their time apart from each other, and so they broke up on good terms before they could start to resent each other for drifting apart.
Now they behaved more like friends, siblings, and Monroe and Juliette talked from time to time over the phone, about cooking and gardening and how Nick needs patching up so often, so he wasn’t at all surprised to hear her voice as he picked up his phone while Nick was out.
"Hey, Juliette. What can I do for you?"
"Do you have a little time, or are you busy with something important?"
"No, I just finished with my latest c
:iconashray:Ashray 4 0
The SchoolTheater 12 Part 2
12. So little Time, so much Chaos
"Okay, that didn’t help any." Ryou said as soon as their Yamis were out of their sight, picking up their earlier conversation where it was before Yami had unwittingly interrupted them with his request.
Yugi agreed with an easy nod.
All talking and sabotaging hadn’t put a stop to Anzu and her delusions, and it didn’t bring her back to her senses, either.
It just made her all the more persistent!
She really, truly thinks she has a future with Yami and Bakura (and when had that obsession started?), she also thinks she will be a great star on stage!
In reality she just goes on everyone’s last nerves and distracts Yami and Bakura from the play because they always have to control the growing urge to murder her for being annoying and clingy and mean to their Ligh
:iconashray:Ashray 7 2
The SchoolTheater 12 Part 1
12. So little Time, so much Chaos

Anzu skipped happily through the school, swinging her bright pink bag carelessly around, and hummed a happy tune off-key and too loud.
She didn’t seems to care that she nearly hit several people in the face with her book bag, or that said students glared angrily at her back.
Or that early morning on a school day is not the right time for happy humming, out of tune or not.
Everything went according to plan for her the day before, for the first time in a long while, and without anyone getting hurt or dieing in the process:
Yami handed his Millennium-Puzzle over to her without making a fuss or asking too many questions, while she could feel Bakura run admiring brown eyes over her back.
Even with her back turned, she could clearly feel his gaze on her person!
No doubt!
That was Bakura clearly
:iconashray:Ashray 6 1
Why Nick is not allowed to drive (Ever again)
Why Nick is not allowed to drive (Ever again)

"Get out of the way, you old hag!"
Nick screamed at the poor old lady in her equally old car as he passed her, nearly shoving her out of the way in his hurry. "You can't park in the middle of the road!" he hollered and sped past her, ignoring the startled yelp of Monroe in the backseat.
A sharp turn to the left at the last possible moment had Monroe falling from the seat onto the floor with a curse.
"Hey, what are you doing down there?" the detective asked. "Maybe you should wear a safety belt? They are made to keep you in your seat, you know. Because I don’t think the floor is comfortable."
The poor Blutbad seemed to hyperventilate for a moment, before he could drag himself back on the seat with a huff.
"I would, but the damn thing snapped at the second turn you took. Maybe you should try to slow
:iconashray:Ashray 15 5

Doctor John Watson woke up with a sudden start, rubbing one hand over his tired eyes, and wondered what woke him up in the first place.
And while it was (sadly) not really uncommon for him to be up at all hours of the night, there was usually a good reason if he was.
As a doctor, and more so as the flatmate and friend of one Sherlock Holmes, he knew about the benefits of a good, uninterrupted nights sleep, and how it shouldn’t be taken for granted around this place.
Any moment there could be a case popping up, and the dear detective would drag him all around London, not stopping to eat or sleep for days on end without first being forced or bullied into it by his faithful friend.
Hell, Watson could be glad if Holmes allowed him to dress first before he shoved his cane in his hand, him out the door and jumped in front of the next carriage he saw to stop it!
So the good doctor had good rea
:iconashray:Ashray 21 4
This is all your fault

This Is All Your Fault

For once, life was peaceful and calm in the Shin-Ra tower and around the whole compound.
There were no SOLDIER brawling in their offices, making big holes in the walls with their bodies or swords.
No Turks trying to shoot each other in the hall, calling it 'training', and that people should calm down since they don't do too much lasting damage anyway.
Or to get the hell out of their way if they didn't like it!
No Genesis chasing innocent people with his fire Materia just because they refuse to listen to him quoting Loveless.
Even the monsters seem to lie low in the heavy summer heath, as less people were complaining about attacks...
A lone paper plane flew through the hall, and out of an open window, where a light breeze took it away into the cloudless sky, never to be seen again.
"Get your sorry ass back here so I can skewer it apart, you damn basta
:iconashray:Ashray 8 2
Sirius and the 5th Book
-  Poor Padfoot
"How could she do that to me!?" a loud wail shattered the peaceful silence of an early summer morning at 12 Grimmauld Place. A few birds in the garden took flight at the sudden noise to find a better place to eat.
A single white owl, already used to sudden noises around here, fluffed up her feathers and went back to sleep with an annoyed hoot.
Hopefully it will not turn out to be one of those days...
"She can't just go and kill me off just like that, it's mean and unfair and I will not allow her to do that to me!
Her evil ways need to end before something really bad happens, like Dumbledore sacrificing Harry for his stupid, useless 'Greater Good'; or worse, Remy and Harry hooking up with someone else and making Baby Moonys and Baby Prongslets without meeeee~!"
for a moment all that was heard was another window-shattering, ear-splitting howl, before the loud r
:iconashray:Ashray 6 0
Mature content
The School-Theater 11 :iconashray:Ashray 6 2
Zack's Chocobo

       The Chocobo

"Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Sephiroth!"
a loud voice called through the thick, closed door and mercilessly shattered the previous peaceful silence in the general's office.
The silver haired man ignored his SIC with the weak hope it would make him go away faster. It never did before, but as the saying goes:
'The hope dies last'.
And maybe, if he was really really quiet and didn't make a sound, maybe the puppy would think no one is in here, and would leave to find someone else to distract and annoy with whatever has him exited now.
'Knowing the puppy, it's probable a bone. Or a squeaking rubber chicken.'
But failing to answer or inviting him in had never stopped Zack from entering a room anyway. On the contrary, normally it just encourages him to try even harder.
To be true, not even trowing him through the closed d
:iconashray:Ashray 44 11
Another 50 Things
Title: Things I'm not allowed to do
Author: Ashray
Disclaimer: I don't own Yugioh, and this just proves why it is better that I don't.
Summary: I have more things that I really shouldn't do. Some of the ideas are from MangaOtakuTB15 and fangs 1998. Thanks to you for your ideas, and I'm glad that you like it! ^______^
51. I will not call Ra a golden chicken (MangaOtakuTB15)
52. I will not summon an evil creature from the shadow realm and call it my pet
53. -And I will not feed it with agents.
54. -or Jehovah's Witnesses.
55. -or teachers.
56. Bungee jumping off the Kaiba building is against the rules, even if it isn't
    written anywhere.
57. If I even look like I might sing "I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves" I
    will be sent to the shadow realm.
58. I shouldn't call Bakura a bunny (fangs1998)
59. -or fluffy. He doesn't like it and might react with violence and aggression
    to it(fa
:iconashray:Ashray 11 4
50Things I'm not allowed to do
The first 50 Things I'm not allowed to do

Murder is not a healthy way to let out my anger.
-Telling Marik it is is also not good.
I do not know Kaiba's phone number.
-I don't  pretend to know it.
- I'm also not allowed to sell it.
- The same goes for any other phone number of any other character in Yugioh!
I am not allowed to train flying monkeys into attacking Anzu.
-Or anyone else.
-I am not allowed to train flying moneky's period.
-Or get anyone else to train them for me.
I am not allowed to lock Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba in a closet to see if hot sex will occur.
-I am not allowed to lock anyone in a closet to see if any kind of sex will occur.
"To conquer the earth with an army of flying monkeys" is not an appropriate career choice.
"Non-Flammable" is not a challenge!
-nor do I tell Marik that it is.
-or Bakura.
I will not agree to interviews taking place on the 31st of February.
:iconashray:Ashray 24 12


Just a Little While Longer(DA:I Dorian/Inquisitor) by Shira-chan
Mature content
Just a Little While Longer(DA:I Dorian/Inquisitor) :iconshira-chan:Shira-chan 312 49
WRMZ by Gordanj WRMZ :icongordanj:Gordanj 642 124 The Internet thinks you are crazy by KamiDiox The Internet thinks you are crazy :iconkamidiox:KamiDiox 120 38
And then Bobby walked in...
Prompt: Bobby walks in
Summary: You know Dean, I TOLD you to lock the door…
Rating: M (for the beginning part)
Warnings: Bobby's mouth, Dean having his way with Sammy :D All that good stuff.
Sam moaned, back arching as Dean's tongue trailed down his neck towards his chest, disregarding his shirt entirely by wrenching it off. If it ripped, neither brother really cared all that much, concentrating more on just FEELING one another.
It had been a long, annoying, boring hunt and Dean was getting fed up with Cas sending them off around the US to take care of God's problems. Right now, he was going to ignore whatever responsibility he had and fuck his little brother into the mattress because hey, this was their sin, and they were more than happy to keep on sinning.
The elder Winchester sat up only long enough to pull off his coat and over shirt, Sam sitting up to help him out of his undershirt, before they fell back on the bed again, mouths connected. Sam moan
:iconchi-haku:Chi-Haku 163 64
The moment John and Mary brought home their second son from the hospital they should have known.
They dismissed Dean's babysitter, but only after she had cooed over Sam a little, then went to put the new baby in his crib. However, the babysitter had failed to mention that Dean had been stubborn enough not to go to sleep in his own room. In fact, he hadn't even gone to sleep in a real bed.
Dean had fallen asleep next to the crib in a bed of comforters and sheets that his babysitter had obviously made him. He was curled up in a ball, one hand tucked under his chin, one in front of his nose and mouth.
The two adults had had to pause for a second, just to blink and stare at their now eldest son, surprised. The thought that came after the "What…?" was something along the lines of "Aw how cute." But that's to be expected because this is a sleeping baby Dean we're talking about here. The only thing cuter is a sleeping baby Sam.
Mary was the first to smile, handing John Sam and walking ov
:iconchi-haku:Chi-Haku 118 27
Sam Motivational Poster by Sharonxxx56 Sam Motivational Poster :iconsharonxxx56:Sharonxxx56 414 88 Analysing Sam and Dean 2 by Sharonxxx56 Analysing Sam and Dean 2 :iconsharonxxx56:Sharonxxx56 122 30 J to J: Balls (Remastered) by KamiDiox J to J: Balls (Remastered) :iconkamidiox:KamiDiox 521 116 When Cas Discovers Twitter by BecomingaWallflower When Cas Discovers Twitter :iconbecomingawallflower:BecomingaWallflower 202 11
Mature content
always [wincest] :iconsameroni:Sameroni 5 0
Pretend Boyfriend (some Wincest lmao)
The Impala drives into a parking spot at a bar, coming to a stop. The engine stops, and the doors open. Sam and Dean walk out, adjusting their sleeves.
"Dean," Sam says, "what if those girls are here too?"
"Dude. Calm down, I'm sure they're not."
Sam sighs. These girls had been following and stalking Sam for a while now since they moved into the town for a hunt. Sam would have been fine with them if they didn't look like Satanic Cultists. Black hair, black clothes, black makeup, black everything.
It creeped him out.
They walk into the bar, and sit at a table, ordering two drinks. Sam glances around the building to see if the stalkers are in there... and they are. Sitting at a table is all four of them, smiling and waving at him.
His heart sinks.
"Dean..." he nudges his brother's shoulder, grabbing his attention. Dean seems to know the problem anyway, seeing as he spots the girls from the corner of his eye. Sam told him what they look like.
"Oh, they are here. Damn..."
"Shut up.
:icontheextremegoose:TheExtremeGoose 5 5
Candies by Nile-kun Candies :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,014 136 Do it Cas by Nile-kun
Mature content
Do it Cas :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 660 146
Mature content
not commonly seen, no [spn fanfic dean/jimmy/cas] :iconsameroni:Sameroni 2 0
i'll have that drink now. by evilwinnie i'll have that drink now. :iconevilwinnie:evilwinnie 1,058 84 Merry Xmas by ayami-wt Merry Xmas :iconayami-wt:ayami-wt 83 32



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