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December 28, 2008
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Title: The first snow

Author: Ashray

Part: 1/2

Pairing: Yami x Hikari (Y/YY, B/R, M/M, hints? of K/J)


Domino City, early morning, Kame Game Shop

Like every other day Yami was the first to wake up, while the whole house is still sound asleep. The former pharaoh had always been a morning person, and now, when no priest with a bad mood was bounding on his door, he had the chance to enjoy this quite time for the first time in his long life.
He looked down at the slumbering teen in his arms, who snagged against him under the warm covers, with a soft smile. He stroked up his bare, smooth back and brushed his fingers through the tousled black hair. Yugi snuggled a little more towards him to rest his cheek on the others lightly tanned shoulder, but otherwise didn’t wake up.

Yami grinned a little proudly at that, no wonder the shorter one was so worn out after last nights…activities.
Happily the darker one watched, as Yugi rolled over on his back, a serene little smile on his rosy lips. The cover slides slowly down to his hips, leaving his chest bare for red eyes to roam freely.
The room is heated warm and cozy, so it didn’t matter that much, his Aibou wouldn’t get cold, and Yami watched calmly the light up and down of his chest while Yugi was breathing. Gently he stroked over the pale, soft skin, where he had left many red marks and lights bits, as they 'played' a few hours ago.
Yugi slept on under the light touches, he just turned around on his stomach and freed himself even more from his warm cover.

Slowly Yami rubbed his fingers down his spine and then let his hand rest on the soft ass of his lighter half.
A shudder run through the sleeping boy, and Yami put the blankets back up so he could dream for just a little longer.
Compared  to Yami Yugi was a sleepyhead, when he was asleep, he slept, no matter what.
But the former pharaoh was up and awake, and slowly he got restless due to the lack of occupation.
And so he got up and sought out some boxers from under their bed, where the had landed carelessly last night.
He stepped to the window to watch the slowly awakening streets and gardens for a wile until his Aibou would wake up.

Irritated he blinked at the picture before him.
What the hell had happened out there?
Why was everything white?

He opened the window for a better view, and some of the white stuff danced shortly in the air, then fell on the floor and vanished.

(a/n: The wind blew snow through the window…)

Yami bent himself a little outside in the cold: there was a lot more of that stuff, much more, it was everywhere, covering and burring the whole city under its fluffy mass.

Totally shocked he made a step backwards and starred out of the window, where until yesterday was Domino city.

Suddenly his foot was caught in some randomly scattered pants, which they had careless discarded the night before without looking where it landed.
They had been too eager and too busy too care much about their clothes, beside the pace in which they can get raid of them…

Ungracefully the puzzle spirit landed on his ass with a startled cry he couldn’t completely holding back.
He starred with wide eyes at the white stuff coming through the still open window and landing on his black hair, tickling his nose.

' I'm just lucky nobody saw this.' he thought embarrassed, until he remembered!

The city is gone!
And so he went to do the only thing right in such a situation!

He jumped at the bed and shook his Aibou on the shoulders, to wake him up.

"Yugi, Yugi, wake up! Yugi, it is terrible, wake up, Aibou!" he hadn’t noticed that sleepy violet eyes where slowly opening and blinking uncomprehending up at the flustered pharaoh.
Yugi was getting shaken pretty much before he could say something, while Yami beside him jumped up and down and gabbled absurd stuff.

"Yugi, Aibou, the world is ending, wake up, we have to do something, you cant sleep now, Hikari…"
Yugi caught at first the shaking hands still on his shoulders, and looked him serious in wide, ruby eyes.
"Clam down, Yami, and then tell me what happened? Why should the world end? Has Kaiba taken a day off, or what?"
But the joke was lost at the worried Yami, even if the spirit normally enjoyed insulting the uptight CEO.
"It's a catastrophe, Aibou! It is cold out there, really, really cold, and there is that white stuff, you cant see the streets anymore, or the trees or the cars! We have to do something, right now und on the spot! Now get up, we have a world to save!"
Apparently Yami couldn’t sit still anymore, now that there was something to do, and Yugi couldn’t help but smile as he tried to hold his darker half on the bed.
"Calm down, Yami! I did tell you about winter a while ago, do you remember?"

Yami eyes narrowed delightfully as he thought back to that conversation. He remembered a sweet voice whispering an a soft, low tone to him, although he couldn’t remember the exact words.
Not that they mattered much, when he had Yugi sitting in his lap and small arms wound around his neck…
Yugi was moving around on him while he tried to explain some stuff he will have to face in the future, it was hard to focus on what he was saying. In fact, it was too hard for the dark spirit. And something else was getting hard too…

"Yami? Yami! Hello, Earth to Yami, someone home?" the voice brought him back to reality.
"Yes, sure, where else should I be?" he murmured dreamingly and stroked lovingly over Yugis tight, without even realizing it.

"I guess you where somewhere else with your thoughts at that time!? Coldness, no leaves? Is a bell ringing by that?"
That of cause brought Yami immediately back to the matters at hand, namely that the whole city is gone!
"But Yugi, everything is white! WHITE! Like Bakuras hair… Bakura! That is it, this is all the damn thieves fault! Who else, I'm going to kill him, and hopefully that awful stuff will vanish with him! I send that dumb idiot to the shadow realm, I have it with him and his stupid pranks!"
And with that he stormed out of the room before Yugi could even try to hold him back.

(He has erratic moon swings like a pregnant women ^___^)

Hastily Yugi put on some pants before he followed his furious boyfriend downstairs.
Yugis poor grandfather starred after the two boys as they passed him in the living room.
Yami was swearing and Yugi was yelling after him to stop and wait for him.

"And here we go again." He thought amused as he watched the 'show'.
Yami was only in white boxers, from which he know for a fact they where Yugis. 'But by they way they are always throwing their stuff around without looking, it is no wonder when they get mixed up…'
The pharaoh was mad for some reason and had a half naked Yugi attached to his hip, who tried desperately to drag the taller one away from the door.

As Yami opened the front door he was meet by lots and lots of snow. To his luck that stopped his darker half, and Yugi could let go of him and catch his breath for a moment.
Under the suspicious gaze of his Yami he scoped up a handful snow:
"Yami, meet snow. And snow, meet my Yami." Yugi Instructed them with a smile and gave Yami his snowball: "You see? It will not bite you. And Bakura has noting to do with the weather. It is just frozen rain."
"Are you sure? This will not try to hurt you, is not dangerous?"
Yugi did his best not to giggle at the uncertain voice, by the suggestion of dangerous snow.
Yami really wished Yugi would not touch this cold wetness. He didn’t trust a thing that could make such changes over night.
"Don’t worry, Yami! What should happen? Do you think there is a monster under it, ready to jump you?"
Suddenly the snow masses where moving, and something came up from its depths, which seems to have dug its way to their door like a mole.
Yami was the first one who saw the monster as it jumped from the snow, and he closed the door with a loud bang.
"No monster!? Like hell! Then how would you call THAT?" the terrified Spirit pointed accusingly at the door.
Yugi, who had just a short glance on the thing which caused the former pharaoh to pale a unhealthy white, stroked Yamis arm soothingly. Pounding was heard at the door, and they  ignored it.
"Its all right, Yami, noting bad happened. The snow itself is harmless, I swear. You can play in it. I will show you later what you can do with it."

The loud noise on the door finally attracted Salomon's attention and he looked curios if everything was all right there:
"Hey, don’t I hear Anzu outside the door?" he asked, as he heard some words through it, like 'Yami, marrying, forever together, friendship is everything, friends are all, Yami is the best, the handsomest, the greatest…'

Yugi looked at his grandfather blankly: "Are you all right? Because I don’t hear anything…" Behind them the screams and pounding was getting even louder and a lot more demanding.
Yami also played deaf, if they let her in, she would attach herself to his arm and refuse to let go for a very long time:
"Maybe your ears play tricks at you?" he guessed harmlessly
Finally the pounding stopped, and both boys sighed in relief, as Yugis grandpa opened the door and no one was outside.
It looked like Anzu had gone to pester someone else, since her 'beloved' Yami didn’t show up…
"Maybe you hear ghosts?" asked Yugi innocently, and his grandpa grinned.
"The last ghost I heard is now sleeping in your bed every night, my boy."

(He heard Yugi talking 'to himself' as he didn’t know about Yami, and sometime he even heard the tin air answering him. As he asked about it, Yugi always said he was hearing ghosts… Now he know it was Yami he heard answering then…)

"But you two should better put more clothes on, if you plan to go out and play in the snow. I'm not going to nurse you, when you catch a cold." said Salomon with a look at their half naked forms. Yamis eyes went wide and he closed the door again forcefully.
"Snow can make you ill? Hikari, you don’t make a single step out there, until its all gone!"
Yugi rolled his eyes and saluted: "Sir, yes, Sir!" and giggling he run up in his room to put more clothes on. Salomon pulled out the big shovel and gave Yami a look: "Since you don’t intend to let Yugi out in the cold, I guess you will shove the way free then…" and chuckling he made his way in the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. Preferable before Yami get a hold on coffee, just to feel haunted again from the TV or the washing machine…

Reluctant Yami followed his lighter half upstairs, just in time to see Yugi pull on a shirt and a sweater.
"Aww, and here I hoped to see more of you…" pouted Yami, and Yugi smiled up at him, "Better you get on some more clothes yourself, or you will really catch something. In case you didn’t noticed it, my pharaoh, it is winter!" and Yugi winked at him.

Yami grabbed some random pants from the floor und start to put them on. After a quick glance to the window he saw the snow laying there, and he pulled the curtains close.
Yugi watched him wondering: "You know that the snow can't look something off from you?!"
"I better don’t take a risk."
"Don’t worry, Yami, I wouldn’t let it happen that someone else looked at you!" giggled Yugi, and since he couldn’t resist, he gave Yamis a light slap on his rear end, before he dashed down the stairs for breakfast…

Domino City, early morning, Ryous house:

The white-haired Hikari woke up with the bad feeling, that something wasn’t quite right. But since he was leaving together with Bakura, the thief king, he was used to that feeling. It was not the first time he woke up with it, and it would sure as hell not be the last time.
Surrendering he opened his eyes to encounter the inevitable.
With a sigh he got up and walked to the window, as he heard a scraping noise coming from  there.
He raised an pale eyebrow and tapped impatient with his foot, his arms crossed over his chest.

Outside on the windowsill he saw exactly what he had expected:
There was Bakura sitting in the snow, apparently back from one of his raids, or how he liked to call them: his 'morning sport' or 'play hour'.

He kneeled with a dark glare on the windowsill, snow still glittering in his long hair, and his pants and jacked dripping wet.
So it was really no wonder that he wasn’t in the good mood he normally had, and he also lacked a bag or sack or something.
"Now look at this mess, Hikari! I want that damn white stuff gone, on the spot!"

Bakura climbed trough the window and left large amounts of snow on the carpet. He gave Ryou an demanding glare, which was returned expressionless.
"And? What do you want me to do? Make it disappear?"
"Yes! Do you have even the slightest idea how annoying that stuff is? How an I supposed to break in somewhere, when I leave footprints in that shit?!"  

He shook drops of melting snow out of his hair and flung his jacked in a corner without looking where it landed on the floor.
For a moment Ryou didn’t know if he should laugh or wine, before he stated the obvious as calm as possible: "How about you stop raiding houses you don’t own?"

"What? But that’s not funny! And how should I stay in practice?! Make that it go away!"
"I cant…" he told him like he was talking with a little kid. A little kid, which is few thousand year old and cant understand the meaning of the word NO.
"But we have to do something against it! A already sent a lot of it to the shadow realm, but there is more and more falling down! The whole night long! If I ever find out who is responsible for that shit, I'm going to torture him. Slowly and painfully. And when I'm done torturing him, I torture him a little more. And then, just for fun, I torture him even more!"

"I somehow doubt that it will help much."
"And when I murder Yami?"
"What has Yami to do with that?"
"I don’t know, but maybe it will help? At last it will be fun!" Ryou shook his head.
"Why is your first solution for every problem you have, to kill Yami?"
"Not for every problem! By a certain kind are you my only solution." the thief king leered down on his lighter half.
"Just let us look that get we you out of your wet clothes at first!"
"That’s exactly what I'm talking about. But I could need a little help here." Bakura grinned suggestively at Ryou, who just rolled his eyes: "I'm not joking, Bakura. You have to wear thicker clothes, or I don’t let you go outside! And I mean it!"
"Do you mean you will wear more clothes, too?" Ryou just nodded, since the answer was obvious.
"But I don’t want that you wear more! It will always take an eternity to peel you out of them. Make the snow go away!" he demanded stubbornly and Ryou rubbed his temples.

Why couldn’t that stupid Spirit just go to bed and sleep, it is far too early for that crap…
"Bakura! What did I tell you about the winter? Think hard, we discussed this a few times. Think about it, Kura!"
Bakura fell down on the bed and dragged Ryou with him: "You said that it is cold and you don’t want to get out of bed. After that I didn’t listened anymore. Isn't important…"

(a/n: Yamis… they all think alike… Yami…Bakura…)

He slipped his fingers und Ryous pajamas and stroke softly over his stomach, drawing invisible pattern on the ivory skin.
"Staying in bed actually sounds good, you know. I can do with that." he murmured thoughtfully, until he saw up in the others brown eyes and slyly said: "But I think there are some better things I'd like to do with you in bed."
He straddled Ryou and kissed him passionately to make his point clear, until he felt small arms sneaking around his neck to drag him down.    

Domino City, (still) early morning, Ishtars house:

A blonde boy laid blissfully asleep in his warm bed, buried under a big heap of pillows, blankets and also clothes which hadn’t found their way on the floor the former night. A content smile laid on his lips, his blond hair was tousled from his sleep and noting seems to be able to disrupt his peaceful slumber.

Nearly noting.

"HIKARI-PRETTY!!!!"  screamed a loud voice all of a sudden, and something wet and cold hit his face and startled him awake with a squeak.
If it wasn’t for that heavy thing sitting on his hips and pinning him down, he would have jumped out of the bed.

Irritated he blinked up in Marik's cheerful face, as the other shoved a snowball down his collar, laughing like a maniac like always.
But all struggling and swearing was useless, Marik wouldn’t budge from him. He pinned the smaller one down on the bed so he couldn’t get raid of the snow in his shirt.

"Morning, Hikari, come on and get up, I'm bored and want to play! With you!" he demanded, just to rub more snow in Malik's face.
"Oh god, please not…"
"Get up, sunshine, its already day outside! Time to play, and I found some funny stuff outside, I have to show you! So get your sexy butt out of bed, Hikari-Pretty!"
And with that he grabbed Malik and dragged him under his arms out of bed without minding his protests.
"Please, go and bother Ishizu for a while. I want to sleep, just for 10 minutes! Not more…" grumbled Malik, and his darker half let him (a little rude) down.

"And then you will come out with me and we gonna play?" he tilt his head a little to the side and watched him, blinking curiously.
"Yes, then we will play. Whatever. Anything you want… just let me sleep for a little longer…!"
And after that Marik laid/throw him back on his bed, tucked him securely under the sheets and gave him a sweet good-night-kiss on his cheek, before he stormed out of the room with a loud bang of the door.
The surprised Hikari only shook his head: At days like these he wondered if it weren't better if he would just sign him up in a nut house.

Shortly after that he heard an excided Marik:
"Ishizu, wake up, wake up, I want to show you something great! Look, what I found! Look, look!" followed by a startled scream, as Malik's sister also get a wake up call form the crazy Spirit.
"Get out of my room, now, or I'm going to kill you!"
"But why?! I want you to play with me! Come on, I show you something awesome!"
"One step father and you will eat your damn snowball…"

Sighing Malik decided that it was yet time to get out of bed, before his older sister was really going to kill his beloved boyfriend…
As he stepped into the other room, he found his sister standing there with a baseball bat over her head, snow in her hair and face and an angry glare on the blond male before her.
Marik had a bucket full of snowballs standing beside him, maybe to show them to the siblings, maybe to annoy the older women, one may never know…

Some of the balls where already on the carpet and Ishizu stared at her little brother:
"You told this idiot you call your boyfriend to wake me up? Are you crazy, or what is wrong with you? Get dressed and then get him out of the house, or I will remove him myself! Permanently!"
And with that she throw them out of her room despite their protests. It was easy to tell that she isn't much of a morning person.

"What's wrong with her? She's mad at me?" asked Marik his lighter half disappointed and embrace him sadly, "I just wanted to show her something…"
And with that he snuggled his face in the others soft, sweetly smelling hair. But before he cold do so much as pat his back, Marik's hands started to wander more southwards and he kneaded his ass and purred happily.
"Then again, this isn't bad, either. I will show her later…" he whispered and kissed the tan skin, nipped at his Hikaris neck and let his hands roam over familiar places. "And since you are up and awake now…"


Suddenly something hit Marik's head pretty hard, and startled the Yami from his entertainment.
"Hey, not fair…" whined the darker one and turned around to see Ishizu and her trusted baseball bat, ready for the next strike.
"Didn’t I told you to get lost? And do that in your own room, damn it! Don’t you know the meaning of the world modesty?!"
And with that she turned around and stormed downstairs to make breakfast. There are better ways to wake up then with a pile of snow and a stupid Yami jumping up and down in her bed like a little kid on sugar!
"One day I'm killing them both." She mumbled and went to organize herself a cup of coffee, while the two blondes got into their own room.


Malik turned around as didn’t got an answer and let the jeans, which he was about to pick up, again falling to the ground. Marik in the main time was busy starring captivated at Malik ass, so he forgot what he was about to ask until he got a light slap at his head, and he starred right into Malik's beautiful eyes.
"You where saying?"
"I was? Oh, yes, I was! Hikari… What is modesty" he asked serious and a little worried that he properly missed something important. "Do I need that? It isn't important, is it?"

Malik shook his head and got his jeans on: "No, you wouldn’t understand, need or use it anyway, so I don’t even try to explain that…"
"Great ! Can you go out and play now? Can we? Can we?"
But Malik want he get breakfast at first, it looked like this is going to be a long day, with an hyperactive Yami all over him, who was determined to drag him out in the snow…..


I was writing this the last few days, since I needed a little change from 'School theater'.
The forth chapter is still by my beta-reader, and it will be up as soon as I get it…
I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes in this story, since I did it all on my own…
Disclaimer: I don’t own Yugioh, I don’t make money with it, my only payment are the reviews I
get for it.

Summary: It is December in Domino City, and the first one the Yamis ever see. They have
now their very own body, because… because of… well, that is… yes, and then…
well, it is because I say so!

(The explaining of every Author and Authoress for everything he/she cant think a better reason for. ^____^ )

But as always, they don’t have very much success with it, because the attention span of a Yami isn't very long, as we all know (and love)

(Shadow Realm…Kiss Hikari to dead… Mind Crush…Thieving…Blood…Death… Duel Monster… anything else that matters even the slightest bit??)

And so the Yamis make acquaintance with the cold, wet stuff, as so much of it falls over night, that the city is all covert with snow and buried under it.

(And please note, that Yamis tend to overreact, when worried! Or angry!)

And now: The different reactions of the different Yamis to snow

Oh, and it is unbeta-ed, so there are errors…



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